El Jefe Tacos Is a company created by like Minded individuals that grew tired of the same year after year limited options for food in the English Harbour area. El Jefe Tacos Understands that there is a serious lack of food options in the area that you can get threw out the day and late at night, fast and at a reasonable price. We will be that option .El Jefe Tacos will be a new and exciting option for food and drink in the English Harbour area. We will do this by providing authentic Mexican tacos , burritos , corn and salsas , taught to us by real Mexicans in Mexico . We will source our authentic Mexican ingredients from Mexico. This without a doubt , will give us the ability to provide a superior and authentic product and experience to our customers. this will be un matched here in Antigua an possibly the Caribbean. All this will be provided at our unique location and atmosphere in English Harbour . Our customers will be able to eat inside at our bar or our open air lounge , pick up and take it home. Our open air lounge will provide a relaxed an casual atmosphere furnished with bar tables an stools , in the background there will be rhythmic EDM music playing . We will provide reasonably priced local beverages , alcoholic and nonalcoholic. El Jefe Tacos will be open for breakfast , lunch and dinner while providing specials throughout the week.